Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pretty little things for Sunday

"This is our purpose, to make as meaningful as possible, this life that has been bestowed upon us." -Oswald Spengler-

-Images: weheartit-


Miss Madeline said...

beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hey lovely, I gave you an award on my blog.
Stay beautiful.


its simple love said...

What a gorgeous collection of images! I love the photo of the woman in the large white chair and tulle pick dress. Oh that is magical.


p.s. Be sure to check out my lovely little giveaway on my blog!

Betsey said...


Belle said...

your blog is so beautiful, my new favourite!

i have just started a blog of my own, it is in its very early days, but i think it eventually may be something you will like!

i'm inspired by all things french, feminine and that have been before.

i hope to see you there :-)

love belle x

splendid little thrills said...

i really appreciate your love of pink! it has been my favorite color since the day i was born!

Anonymous said...

Real beutiful pictures!

Miranda said...

lovely blog!!!

what's the song "Dream Away"?

can u help me to find the song on YouTube?


Bardot in Blue said...

wow i just found your blog and it is soooooooooo beautiful. we love all the same things! you would love my blog

stop by for a visit and i am happy to call myself your new reader in Paris!

Persis said...

such PRETTY pictures! just passing by your blog and i think its lovely!

pls come check out mine too when you have sometime. maybe we can follow each other =)


L.M. said...

J'adore ce blog!
Les photos sont belles! continue!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I adore your blog. Great inspiration.


Aspiring Kennedy said...

mmm this is lovely. i think we could be friends!

Bogdan Epureanu said...

Way too much pink for my taste; nice pictures otherwise...