Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How I love to cuddle!!

Cuddling with you makes me smile when I'm sad.
Cuddling with you makes sense when nothing needs to be said.
Cuddling with you keeps me warm from the cold.
Cuddling with you from now till we grow old.
Cuddling with you is what stops time.
Cuddling with you is when I feel that you are mine.
Cuddling with you makes me feel like a woman and a girl.
Cuddling with you is what I love most in this world.

-Poem: Lo Pherai-
-Images: weheartit-


Mady said...

Love the pics!
Reminds me how much I love cuddling :)

Jenna said...

Oh how I love your blog!

Roxy Te Owens said...

I'm already feeling cuddly today because of the cold and rain..your pics are making me want to snuggle now! The Hub needs to get home from work!!

Anonymous said...

lovely post!

Suzanne Weldy said...

Hi Lola! Just found your lovely blog, it's just beautiful. Keep wishing on stars and loving love. Your Prince Charming will find you soon! :)

Suzanne at DelysiaStyle

Ziz said...

Now I'm in a cuddly mood! ;D

Anonymous said...

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Betsey said...

oh, these are precious

Anonymous said...

Gosh those pictures are beautiful, they compliment the music perfectly. Gorgeous blog.