Monday, September 06, 2010

That's love: Story of Lo & E.

Her: I went to the doctors, they wanted to give me some medication to calm me down, because I have a lot of chest pains on the left side. But I don’t want that, so I’ll wait and see.
Him: So it’s your heart then…
Her: I don’t know, it’s burning right now
Him: I’d give you mine, but you’d probably put it in a blender
Her: No I'd put it in a box
Him: And then?
Her: I'd finally have your heart and keep it with me till I die
Him: That's kind of sad
Her: No, that's Love
Him: You could've surgically inserted it next to your heart, so we would beat as one.
Her: Just laying next to each other listening to each others heartbeat, can make them beat as one too
Him: That's sweet
Her: Yes, maybe someday….

Story of Lo & E.
They wanted to, but they never gave each other a chance.
And so another Love story dies.