Monday, April 02, 2007

The little cafe

There is a big department store in the middle of the city. On the third floor there is a little cafe, where strange enough nobody comes. It's almost always empty. So this is where I come. It has dark wooden floors and furniture and even looks like a different country.
I'm sitting in a corner writing, reading, drinking a hot chocolate.

On the other side of the cafe is a slightly older man, he's drinking something, alone as well. He's looking at me, I can feel it. I look in a mirror on the side of a wall and in it our eyes meet. Mine teared up and his, just lonely. Maybe this is a place for lonely people. Or do we just search for empty cafes because we've become afraid of crowded places?

I'm supposed to be somewhere right now but I'm on the run again. I'm always trying to run away from things. Mostly from becoming insane. I wonder how it feels not having to run.... I look in the mirror again, he's still looking at me. He's leaving. He puts on a long dark brown trench coat and a dark brown hat. We give each other a mutual polite nod and he's gone.
I think that for a moment, just one second, we could feel each others pain. It overwhelmed me. I couldn't keep the tears from falling down my face.

Maybe I'm blessed enough because I realize that there are people in countries who have nothing in this world. I have my parents, my brother and a chance to educate myself. But am I really that selfish because my heart aches for a little bit more?

-Images: Via DeviantArt-