Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Springtime reminds me of you

The trees and the flowers bring back all those hours
And the springtime reminds me of you

The song of a bird recalls every word
And tells of the joys we knew

Though we laughed for a while, too soon we had to part
And your song and your smile are forever in my heart

For the blue of the skies is the blue of your eyes
And the springtime reminds me of you.

-Song: Springtime reminds me of you by Maurice Winnick & his Band (vocals : Al Bowlly)-
-Images: weheartit-

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

When I fall in Love...

When I fall in love it will be forever
Or I'll never fall in love
In a restless world like this is
Love is ended before its begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the su

When I give my heart it will be completely
Or I'll never give my heart
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you.

-Song: Nat King Cole: When I fall in love-
-Images: weheartit-