Monday, May 04, 2009

Erin Fetherston

I have found my new favorite designer!
Erin Fertherston on this picture above to the left makes the most adorable and cute designs I have ever seen.
Little dresses and shorts in soft pretty colors.
Every outfit is as sweet as candy! And I want it all!

Here are a few of my favs from the spring summer 2009 collection with each design looking like a delicious cupcake!

As the cherry on top her website features the most beautiful photos taken by Ellen von Unwerth.
And two stunning videos called Dreamy wander, with Zooey Deschanel and Dollhouse.
You can check out the videos in my sidebar.
Part of the photographs are in black and white and the others are in color. I'll post the ones in color right now and the black and whites I'll post tomorrow or the day after.


Forgetmenot said...

yeah! I totally understand your love for her... in fact, last summer was my erin fetherston summer. have you watched her films (wendybird, dollhouse)? If not, then DO IT!

Az said...

love your blog! post some more :)

Hannah Serena said...

I worked for Erin Fetherston last summer. I interned for her and the Fetherston Design Group in their office in the Garment District and I assisted backstage during her Spring/Summer '09 collection last September. It was fabulous. It sounds like we definitely feel the same way about her blissful, beautiful designs.

Hannah Serena said...

I wrote about it at my blog, À la Mode; visit