Friday, May 01, 2009

Coco avant Chanel

Anybody that knows me, knows that I have 1 obsession in life, and that is CHANEL!
So ofcourse when I heard about this movie, Coco avant Chanel, I could not wait!
Then I saw these absolutely gorgeous pictures from the movie of Audrey Tatou as Gabrielle Chanel, and my heart rate went bananas.
And to top it of I saw the trailer which has given me dreams about the day that i will see this movie.
In France the movie premiered on April 22nd, but here in NL I will have to wait till the 28th of May.

Coco avant Chanel tells the story of a young Gabrielle Chanel that sets the face of 20th century fashion with her vision on it. The movie follows the style icon from her start in a little accessory shop to the ever so fabulous glamour of the Parisian houte couture.
Check out the trailer here.

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Retro Petite said...

Great pictures, thanks for posting them.