Saturday, March 03, 2007

Marie Antoinette - Garden scenes

Perfect simplicity

Love is...
..not about finding the perfect person.
Its about loving an imperfect person perfectly!


Lori Bailey said...

It's good to see you writing again, even though you feel the way you do it's good to get things out and a blog is sure a great way to do that. Besides, it's the only way I can encourage you! :)

Don't give up Lo - even though it seems real tough right now, one day you'll look back and know that it's these tough times that helped you achieve.

Many hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Hi, just dropped by, from somewhere else!

You know, everyone (and I mean everyone) feels, at one time or another during their life that they have a tougher 'lot' than anyone else. Its all down to perception, really.

Ten years ago, my 'life' was wiped out, through no fault of my own. A life I had spent 20 years building-GONE. Marriage, business, income, security, the lot. And, I have not been able to rebuild it to how it was. I've had what can only be described as a very difficult 10 years, by any standard. So, its time to make a change. To make a step in another direction, not randomly or on a whim, but building on my previous experiences.

You have a huge advantage, you are young, you have everything ahead of you, you have much more scope. You can achieve whatever you want. BUT, you are not being fair to yourself and that is stifling your potential.

Its surprising, to others, how many problems we all have in our lives, but a problem is often only there because we see it as a problem, and not simply for what it is, i.e. merely a situation that we either hadn't foreseen, or just plain contrary to what we imagined. Its known as, life, and believe me, and this really is important, life would be very, very boring if everything turned out as we imagined.

I can understand that you feel thwarted and frustrated, but you will move out of this phase, but it will most likely be by smaller steps rather than a big leap. Don't wait around for things to happen, you don't need to, you can make them happen yourself. Create opportunities. Take those little steps. Then one day you'll look around and suddenly find you're in a different place all together. The leap will have been made, and you never knew you were making it.

Life is tough, (OK for some people it appears charmed and easy, if that perception is true, and actually, I don't believe it is, they are in the tiniest of minorities) as I was saying, Life is tough and nothing worth achieving is achieved easily.

No one can put your life right for you, as you see it, only YOU CAN.

I really do wish you well, and hope what I have said, enables you to move away from negative feelings.

Kind Regards