Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pretty little things for Sunday

The Sunday sun awakes me
In perfect calmness it lets me be
Windows open, birds are free
This is life, here lies the key
Peace of mind and happiness
I am me, I am blessed
Why worry about the little things
When I have all beauty that life brings
Rays of sun, singing birds
Flowers in bloom and poetic words
Love for life is all I need
Love your life and you'll be free

-Poem: Shar Pherai-
-Images: weheartit-


Anonymous said...

your blog always makes me happy and inspires me!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely images! Great blog xxx

Lorna said...

Beautiful images, are you on pinterest? Would love to follow you,

Princessin said...

hey shar,

I love your blog and it inspires me very much!! This is a beautiful poem, and you always have soooooo beautiful pictures!! I am a blogger too and I am always looking on your blog because it ispires me sooooo much!!!

xoxo Prinzessin <3

maigrir trucs said...

quelle beauté !