Monday, September 06, 2010

That's love: Story of Lo & E.

Her: I went to the doctors, they wanted to give me some medication to calm me down, because I have a lot of chest pains on the left side. But I don’t want that, so I’ll wait and see.
Him: So it’s your heart then…
Her: I don’t know, it’s burning right now
Him: I’d give you mine, but you’d probably put it in a blender
Her: No I'd put it in a box
Him: And then?
Her: I'd finally have your heart and keep it with me till I die
Him: That's kind of sad
Her: No, that's Love
Him: You could've surgically inserted it next to your heart, so we would beat as one.
Her: Just laying next to each other listening to each others heartbeat, can make them beat as one too
Him: That's sweet
Her: Yes, maybe someday….

Story of Lo & E.
They wanted to, but they never gave each other a chance.
And so another Love story dies.


Anonymous said...

Lo, thank you for sharing this with us. Real, honest, sweet and loving. Absolutely love your blog!


Betsey said...

this is really beautiful...and heartbreaking at the same time. thank you for sharing :)

Laura said...

Hi Lo! I read your blog tonight for the very first time and I'm fond of it, of you! I think you're poetic,I'll honestly follow you: Hope you'll take the time to come and visit me!

Naima Amarilli said...

That's the form of poetry! Thank yoy!