Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Springtime reminds me of you

The trees and the flowers bring back all those hours
And the springtime reminds me of you

The song of a bird recalls every word
And tells of the joys we knew

Though we laughed for a while, too soon we had to part
And your song and your smile are forever in my heart

For the blue of the skies is the blue of your eyes
And the springtime reminds me of you.

-Song: Springtime reminds me of you by Maurice Winnick & his Band (vocals : Al Bowlly)-
-Images: weheartit-


jane said...

so beautiful

Helena said...

lovely post
captures springtime in a little box beautifully


Annie said...

Such lovely pictures!

tahni candelaria said...

i love these images!

jonna ökvist said...
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Cartee said...

Your music ties perfectly in with all of your post, I love it!

Farfallina said...

Prettiest summer pictures... Just a dream (with plenty flowers involved!). Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing blog! I found it by accident, while searching for pictures for a post I was making about the movie "the duchess", and now I've been reading and looking at all the beautiful pictures for hours. Thank you!
Feel free to visit my blog:)