Friday, June 05, 2009

My Little House Of Dreams

My little house of dreams! It stands
Upon a hill o'er meadowlands,
From whence, at dawning, faint and sweet
Comes a lambkin's plaintive bleat,
And meadow larks' shrill pipe, in tune
With all the scents and sounds of June.
My house of dreams! Where order reigns
Behind its glistening window panes.
Shady its trees, its garden fair
And best of all, my love is there,
With shining eyes and calm, sweet face,
The benediction of the place,
And peace and joy and heaven's light beams
Within my little house of dreams.

-Images: weheartit-
-Poem: Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos-


SophieKowalski said...

It's the first time that i visit your's amazing!
I love it,all the pictures inspire me!
Check out mine ;)

my wonderland said...

hEY I dont know how do you manage to show the world such beautiful pictures!
I discovered your blog about one week ago and its already one of my favourites!

JoanneAngelina said...

I wish I could live in that lovely darling house! *sigh*

luyi said...

ur blog is delicate and beautiful.

the Debussy background music and the name or your it.

Mob said...

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